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August 4, 2021

In March 2019, a Client who runs a global business contacted us. He owns one company in Poland, but was interested in buying a competitor in another part of Poland.

Our activities included:

  • conducting legal and financial due diligence,
  • preparing a company valuation based on the collected information,
  • preparing the Client for negotiations based on arguments arising from the valuation and due diligence,
  • building guidelines for the negotiation procedure giving the best result for the Client based on the estimation of the Client’s investment costs, consisting in building the plant from scratch (according to the green field methodology),
  • conducting negotiations,
  • conclusion of a contract,
  • carrying out the transaction,
  • cleaning activities after the acquisition,
  • merger of the acquired company with the Client’s first company in Poland.

We implemented the project from April 2019 (NDA regulation) to the last days of 2019 (entry of the merger in the register). The project was planned, implemented and coordinated by a member of the Law Firm’s team (Project Manager), important decisions were made by the President of the Management Board of the Polish company and representatives of the Client’s headquarters (Stakeholders). The team (development team) consisted of people working in the Law Firm (a person specializing in tax aspects and a person specializing in company issues), Client employees (accountant, statutory auditor servicing a Polish company) and our partners (certified company valuation and financial due diligence expert).

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