M&A Mergers and Acquisitions, transformations, organizational and legal
changes, establishing companies

We specialize in mergers and acquisitions, and our support is addressed to both the acquired and the acquiring party.

We implement such projects as part of the project structure. To this end, our lawyers form and coordinate a project team that includes selected client associates (accountants, selected managers) and, depending on the needs of the project, our proven partners (statutory auditors, accountants, property appraisers, auditors, tax advisors).

As part of the design work, we define goals, develop the right solution, specify assumptions
and coordinate all activities, which include:

We have a similar approach to our clients' challenges related to organizational and legal

Regardless of whether the necessity of changes results from:

  • dynamic development,
  • business model changes,
  • ownership changes,
  • recapitalization of the enterprise,
  • succession,

we provide legal support in line with the client’s agreed interests.

We support our clients in establishing new companies, building holding structures that take into account capital flow aspects, tax aspects between companies and their partners.

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