Intellectual Property Law

We provide comprehensive intellectual property services in four main areas:

  • management of intellectual property rights protection,
  • legal assistance in infringing intellectual property rights,
  • commercialization of intellectual property rights,
  • secure acquisition of intellectual property rights.

These issues also include the protection of personal rights and the protection of know-how.

Protection of intellectual property rights

We support clients in effective protection of their intellectual property, including trademarks, confidential information, trade secrets and copyrights. The protection of individual items ofintellectual property often requires: registration (trademarks) or appropriate confidentiality protection procedures (trade secrets)

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement
We provide legal assistance to clients whose intellectual property rights have been violated. We provide support at every stage: from the client’s independent attempts to bring about the cessation of infringements of intellectual property to the settlement of the case in a conciliatory manner or in court.

Commercialization of intellectual property
We have experience in establishing business assumptions, developing legal aspects of business models, negotiating terms of cooperation, as well as in preparing contracts for the commercialization of intellectual property rights such as licenses, copyright transfer agreements, etc.

Acquisition of intellectual property rights – taking into account legal regulations, obtaining or acquiring intellectual property rights is a real challenge for any company. At the same time, the acquisition of intellectual property rights is now something common and necessary not only in business space.

We help clients acquire the tools necessary to run a given business in such a way as to avoid unnecessary doubts and risks that may go far beyond internal use and cause unexpected business complications. We understand how much effort is needed to gain the
awareness of organization members and to effectively acquire intellectual property rights in relation to solutions and tools necessary for the functioning of a given business in a way that eliminates unnecessary risks.

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