Disputes and court proceedings, debt collection in Poland

We have many years of experience and well-established knowledge, which allows us to effectively support our clients in conflict situations.

We treat our clients’ disputes like any other challenge their business may face. We show different ways to end a dispute, encouraging those in which the client participates in shaping their legal situation. However, oftentimes, the only way to end a dispute leads through a trial in court. In such situations, we provide clients with full professional support.

By providing the client with the possibilities of resolving the situation, we not only analyze their decisions in the perspective of costs and financial risk, but also show other important intangible aspects related to a given dispute resolution method such as the speed of resolving the conflict, the number of actions necessary for the client to take. Often, these factors decide how to settle the matter, while allowing the client to focus on other aspects of the business that are important from their point of view.

Awareness of the client’s real purpose in the context of costs and resources necessary to implement the given dispute resolution scenario helps our clients make the right decisions.

Debt collection should start with checking possible paths. Our services in this area include:

  • assessment of the risk of debt default,
  • situation analysis, checking possible ways of resolving the situation, including amicable ways,
  • debt collection proceedings in court,
  • enforcement proceedings (bailiff enforcement).

Court proceedings conducted for our clients often show irregularities or weaknesses of their organizations – we use this knowledge by implementing legal system solutions for our clients in the perspective of further actions that will improve their legal position in the event of such a problem in the future and improve their organization.

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